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Whakatane Natural Health Centre

The Whakatane Natural Health Centre opened its doors on 1 March 2008.


Whakatane Natural Health Centre

Extending your HEALTH choices


Our Mission

For us to stand up next to the medical profession, not behind them and not in front of them,

but next to them, to say, we are here and we can help, and we are professional.

We are here to compliment each other as well as any other health practitioner.

We are here for our clients, to help them achieve better health.

We are not disease focused, we are health focused.

We do not treat symptoms, we treat people.

Helping people back to health is only part of what we do, the other part is to help people to

maintain their health.

To meet the strong demand for Natural medicine, and not hide in back bedrooms and garages.

We are in the public eye, standing up, making our presence felt, with our focus firmly on

the well-being of our clients, so that people can see that they have other options.


It's about HEALTH




Debs Chase-Patterson

With a comprehensive background in the natural health field, Debs is a natural therapist

and herbalist registered with the Charter of Natural Therapist, and specialises in

lymphatic drainage massage for those with lymphatic problems.

Trained in foot mobilisation, an excellent treatment for most structural disorders,

she also has her own range of herbal tinctures known as KiwiKitz.

Debs is available on Thursday.


I have been practicing in massage for seventeen years.

  I trained through the New Zealand College of Massage.

  I am a strong believer in true health needing a holistic approach, and massage is one of the tools available to achieve this. 

As a massage practitioner, I am at my best in massage, when my client and I trust the process that will unfold. 

This requires an open mind from both parties, so the body becomes an open book. 

My massage is very intuitive and my clients have received great results. 

I look forward to meeting you and supporting your journey to true health.

Tracey is available Thursday and Saturday


Jon Burness

A Specialised Kinesiologist, Jon has been practising in Whakatane for eight years,

first at George Street and then at the Domain Road Natural Health Centre.

Trained in Australia, his aim is to create a greater awareness in the Eastern Bay

of Plenty area of the benefits of Kinesiology and Natural Health.

His philosophy: "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got,"

has led him to train in many aspects of health and wellbeing.

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.












Products we Sell




Naturopaths Own

Daily Vitamin C in powder form allowing you to take as much or as little as you want.

MagnaPower, high potency Magnesium suppliment


Vitamin D3

The sunshine vitamin, absolutely essential for good health.


Detox heavy metals and nasty chemicals.


Concentrated Mineral Drops

The most bio-available form of complete minerals on the market.

Over 70 minerals from The Great Salt Lakes in Utah, ionic soluble liquid.


KiwiKits Herbal Products.

Tinctures and capsules plus special Maori herbs,

Karengo, Kawakawa, Manuka, Koromiko and Kumaraho.



Natural grape-seed extract by Don Patterson, Te Puke.


Complementary Therapeutics

Mega3 fish oil capsules for brain and skin health

Co-Enzyme Q 10 for heart health




Concentrated Mineral Drops, probably the most efficient form of mineral

supplement on the market.

Elite electrolytes








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